Who we are

RHINOTECH has many years of experience in network security services. Based on the network security services of customers, we have expanded our research scope based on network security services and accumulated years of experience in security defense. Our infrastructure is perfect. We have up to thousands of advanced defensive physical servers, complete network facilities, and good computer room security protection measures.

High-Capacity Bandwidth

We join in Internet by more than 1000Gbps bandwidth, this can accommodate most Brute-force DDoS attack. By retaining ownership and control of your IP architecture by hosting and routing data across the network with a point-to-point circuit, you build flexibility into your business. We also can offer up to 10Gbps Dedicated Server to meet your business needs.

Traffic cleaning

RHINOTECH traffic cleaning solution have three parts, Detecting Center, Cleaning Center, and Management center. Detecting Center: Acting like the "eyes" of the solution, the detecting center monitors traffic based on certain detection policies and reports abnormalities to the management center. Cleaning center: Acting like the "heart" of the solution, the cleaning center receives instructions from the management center and cleans abnormal traffic based on traffic diversion policies. Management center: Acting like the "brain" of the solution, the management center formulates detecting and cleaning policies, controls detecting and cleaning devices, and generates attack reports and cleaning logs.

Anti-DDoS Device

We have professional Anti-DDoS Device to protect our autonomous system from being attack. In general, the SYN flood, ACK&RST flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, and normal CC attack, our Anti-DDoS device can defense automatically.


Our staff members have an average of a decade’s worth of work experience in the hosting industry, including server administration as well as experience in supporting businesses similar to those of our customers. This diverse background gives us the opportunity to not only know our customers' needs but also to understand the worries and concerns they might have. Our motto always has been: "Treat a customer's server as if it were our own."

Why Choose Us?

RHINOTECH is created on a solid foundations where management and technical staff has more than 10+ years of experience within the industry. We are able to educate our clients with the best approach to a problem as well as make specific suggestions when we see an opportunity to do so. These suggestions has allow all of our customers succeed and fuel their businesses in some shape or form.

Many have seen us as industry shakers and movers where they closely watch us for the next industry trend. Our creations of technology is light years ahead of many hosting providers. This has allow our customers to take advantage of resources that are not yet available within the common market giving them a competitive advantage.